About Boyofbow

Single, 60 years young, living in Manchester, United Kingdom

I have tried on this site to put together a selection of images that reflect my interests, but like all good plans they get a little out of control.

First I did not know I had so many interests.

Next as you all know when you start surfing you don’t always end up where you thought you would and thus a new interests appear.

Finally thanks to all your comments and suggestions other topics happened.

Anyway this is the result.

All blogs are linked back to source where possible by clicking on the thanks at bottom of blog.

Thank you all for your support!!!


Main interests:
Music, animals, making new friends, outdoors but not up mountains or jumping off them.

31 thoughts on “About Boyofbow

  1. BoyofBow,

    “First I did not know I had so many interests.”

    I can dig that statement man. Same thing happened to me. But I’m on a different path, making dozens of blogs, some later discarded, to work out my demons in every direction.

    After I made my latest header at my site Figures of Fantasy (sheposin.wordpress.com) I remembered your headers and wondered if you’d mind my using the idea. Actually I would have done it long ago had I noticed how easy it is to get a mirror image. I’ve been rotating my images for months and somehow missing the flip option, even when I wanted very much to do that.

    Let me know if it bothers you, mine looking like one of yours.

    I haven’t visited your site and quite awhile. Hope to come back soon and spend an hour or so perusing it.



  2. my muse is lacking lately but i’m trying, getting ready to go for an associates in english this august so my plate has been full the past week or so.

    the hits on your blog boggle my mind. lol
    i brought you a present. steve hanks.


    i’ve used his art for years, my webmaster turned me on to him about 7 years ago she was obsessed by his paintings and got me addicted to them. this is the artist on Mistress and several of other posts. i stumbled onto this site of scans at google. they are huge i think you’ll enjoy them.


  3. Hi I noticed your kitten on a piano photo. It touched me.Could I have your permission to use this as an inspiration for a painting. It so speaks to this home. I taught my children to play the piano and cats are our thing…and I’m an artist.


    1. Hi I have come across your busy bobcat picture and i just love it! Our school is designing the football program and I would like to know if we could have the privilege of using your photograph.


  4. B.o.B, Hi, this is me James or Shadowshift as I was calling myself back when we talked a bit some time ago. Thanks for the continuing link to the genesis blog. I’ve got a little problem which I thought you might be able to help me with. Trying to find a site using only a couple of images (maybe 3) which I know came from the site. For some strange reason all of my bookmarks for that day got wiped out, even the link I put in the bookmarks toolbar of Firefox for that site. Very upset because it looked like one of the best fantasy libraries (not Goth for the most part) I’ve come across. A personal collection, such as your or mine.

    Well, I discovered there is a site, tineye.com which does precisely that. It’s pretty new though it isn’t too surprising that their tool didn’t find any matches on either of the first two images I tried. On the third they found some hits, but not the right place.

    Do you know of any other similar services?

    Cheers, James


  5. hey. thanks for the comment. i added you to my blogroll but when i do the rss thing it keeps coming up with a 404 error. when i tried clicked on your avatar i got a 404 error also. thought you should know. i have no idea whats up with that. but i appreciate the comment, and still love your blog. i have tons of art modern and classic i’ve been searching and hoarding it for years, mostly i don’t even know who it is excpet for some of the classic art. lifte most of it from myspace comments and then cleaned the bs off them so i could use it.

    anyway. if you can get that rss thing figured out with wordpress give me a nod and ill put you on my rss list also.


  6. B.o.B. — I forgot to say thanks for linking by first genesis blog. There is another one as well covering the years 76-82. Did you tell me? I will certainly find a place for your site if that’s ok with you.



  7. Gave you the wrong site name. My clone directory, with slight modifications, is showcase1.wordpress.com.


  8. Hi, You left a comment a couple of days ago on my site moonchild2. That’s an old site which hasn’t had much activity lately. I need to get so more images for it and your site has shown me several resources I wasn’t aware of.

    Enjoyed my first real visit to your site. A fine collection of images. My taste must be similar because I dug all of the posted images and those at the links to dA and the other gothics which I found here. With your permission I might be one day soon like to use your site as a sort of directory to resources.

    On the other hand my gothic sites have been sort of left in a holding pattern for a long while, with my energies going into many new sites in the past five months.

    I’m curious about dA. It’s clear that many of the folks on the site are making the images, but then there seem to be others who (as I do) collect images with searches, or used various cropping techniques to make new out of found images.

    I’m also amazed at the traffic they get (Alexa ranks them #116) with some of those artists claiming thousands of comments, even tens of thousands of comments per year. I’m lucky to get one comment in 5-10,000 views, though they’ve slightly increased since I begun publishing at Condron.us as well as AI.

    Keep up the good work. I have a site which is a link directory to my primary sites: phantum1.wordpress.com (or it’s clone showcase.wordpress.com). Come visit when you can.


    J. Shadowshift alias Music Doc


  9. Discovered you on Alpha I. Your blog is spectacular. And that’s exactly where you belong – in the list of spectacular blogs. I have included you in my list here. Hope you approve.


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