Shamans Journey CVI By Love1008

Shamans Journey CVI

One thought on “Shamans Journey CVI By Love1008

  1. Beams of inner-self transcend the illusion of reality to bridge the soul with the “other-realms”; where ancient nature from energies of the age of the world. Roles understood and uncoincidental coincidences are noticed. Complexities of the will of the universe are revealed by the true powers of the metaphyisical. Blessed are these that are fortunate enough to see the world through compassion, selflessness, understanding, and an attuned nature to the true-self and the connection to all that lives. Pray to the medicines of the mind to show clarity, bring inner peace and understanding. Forgive yourself and all others. Find inner peace and make a connection to the living. Lifeless are the passions of the material world.

    With love, Beau Tillman, 19 Smyrna, Tennessee.

    My address is 506 Williamsport Drive Smyrna, TN 37167 if you would please write to me. I love the artwork.


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