A Collection From Love1008

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4 thoughts on “A Collection From Love1008

  1. Hi love1008, these are the words that spewed out of me when I saw “The Shaman’s Journey”. I recently went through a spiritual rebirth and psychic moments are in a full abundance. My address is attached if you would like to be a “penpal”. I find few people whom will listen to a 19 year old speak of intuition and the “lost spirit” of the new world. Great change is coming to mother Earth and it is odd to me I even feel this compelled to write all of this to a complete stranger. Even odder is that the last time I felt this flow of energy towards writing to someone I did not know was during the time of my spiritual rebirth 2 months ago. I feel you should write to me. Please do. I have an abnormally creative mind and art speaks to me. I cannot paint or illustrate physically. But I can sing, write, and speak to express my metaphysical. Below is my response to your Shaman’s Journey which Stumbleupon.com led me to. It seems it was just published yesterday? Wow, anyways read below for what the art said to me.

    Beams of inner-self transcend the illusion of reality to bridge the soul with the “other-realms”; where ancient nature from energies of the age of the world. Roles understood and uncoincidental coincidences are noticed. Complexities of the will of the universe are revealed by the true powers of the metaphyisical. Blessed are these that are fortunate enough to see the world through compassion, selflessness, understanding, and an attuned nature to the true-self and the connection to all that lives. Pray to the medicines of the mind to show clarity, bring inner peace and understanding. Forgive yourself and all others. Find inner peace and make a connection to the living. Lifeless are the passions of the material world.

    With love, Beau Tillman, 19 Smyrna, Tennessee.
    My address is 506 Williamsport Drive Smyrna, TN 37167 if you would please write to me. I love the artwork.


    1. hey Beau ! Thank you for your so nice words on my art , it is known that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and same with the meanings – in the mind of the perceiver 😉 I am glad you feel it so spiritual 🙂



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