Steampunk Wonder Woman By PapaNinja

Steampunk Wonder Woman

One thought on “Steampunk Wonder Woman By PapaNinja

  1. Apparently WW has Spina Bifida. Ignoring the huge balloon-like breasts that you could park a Buick on as just basic fanboy wish-fantasy…The figure’s basic structure has a severe and disjointed curve in the spine. The artist needs to go back to Figure Drawing 101. The back of WW’s thighs and curve of her behind are aligned correctly. But then the hips jump forward halfway through the body as if her spine connected at the front rather than the back of the torso. Of course, this could mean that our girl Diana has been wearing a too-tight whale-bone corset long enough to damage her ribcage, but she would be sensible enough to know she’d need her lung capacity intact for chasing bad guys. Top this off with an over-large head on an impossibly tiny neck. Like the Elephant Man, she wouldn’t dare sleep laying down for fear of asphyxiating. I rarely am so negatively critical over a piece of artwork, and there *are* aspects that I like (details in the leather, and rope device, etc), I just have issues with the skeletal framework of the subject.


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