Vampires by Vamphunter777

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A Special Thanks to Kristiana

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3 thoughts on “Vampires by Vamphunter777

  1. I have officially shanghaied you; I mean nominated you for the esteemed Versatile Blogger’s Award!

    Please go here to pick up your Award:

    I hope you take to time to check out some of my other nominees if you don’t know them already, and please check out my new friend Charlotte’s blog. As most of you know, I don’t really do this type of thing, but I stumbled upon her blog by accident doing this Halloween guestbook signing for another friend and well, what can I say, I felt obligated. She trusted me, of all people, yeah, and nominated me and she does these really great water-color portraits. If nothing else, please stop by her blog, that would mean a lot to me.

    I hope you enjoy my little “awards show.” I got to play around and be sarcastic and as most of you know–I loooooooooooove to do that.

    Thank you & Happy Halloween!


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